Splunk Acquires Caspida

Adds Behavioral Analytics to Better Detect Advanced and Insider Threats

We detect sophisticated cyber threat kill chains.

Security Analytics

Threat Detection

The Problem: today's tools are fraught with gaps.

Attacks Are More

Attacks - external or insider, are sophisticated, polymorphic and hidden.

Current Methods
Don't Work

Traditional techniques - rules, signatures, and sandboxing are no longer sufficient!

Analyst Fatigue
Is Rampant

Security analysts suffer from alert fatigue—too many false positives.

Caspida, a leader in behavior analytics, offers a comprehensive solution to detect known and unknown cyber attacks and insider threats.

Caspida uses the power of data science to detect and visualize threats within an organization, and map them across a cyber kill-chain. Caspida detects threats produced by a user, a device, or an application by using machine learning, behavior modeling, peer group analysis, real-time statistical analysis, collaborative filtering, and many more techniques.

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