Next-Gen Cyber-Security
& Threat Detection

Caspida is the first in the industry to provide end-to-end coverage for unknown and hidden threats that have already penetrated the enterprise, without rules, signatures, sand-boxing or human analysis. Caspida provides complete protection for the mobile, cloud and enterprise world.


We detect sophisticated cyber threat kill chains.

External Cyber Attacks

Insider Threats

The Problem: today's tools are fraught with gaps.

Attacks Are More

New attacks, external or insider, are sophisticated, polymorphic and hidden.

Current Methods
Don't Work

Traditional rules, signatures and sand-boxing methods are no longer sufficient!

Analyst Fatigue
Is Rampant

Security analysts suffer from alert fatigue—too many false positives.

Caspida: the new paradigm.

The only guaranteed way to catch unknown, hidden threats.

Only Caspida's patent-pending behavioral threat detection technology, and detection of the entire cyber-threat kill chain can defeat the challenge of today's sophisticated attacks!

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